Bioclimatic & Biogeographic Maps

Bioclimatic & Biogeographic Maps of Europe. S. Rivas-Martínez, A. Penas & T.E. Díaz, 2004,
University of León, E-24071, Spain.
ISBN 84-9773-276-6 / Depósito Legal LE-1110/06

Cartographic design:  Ignacio Prieto (University of León)

Worldwide Bioclimatic Classification System, S.Rivas-Martínez, S.Rivas-Sáenz and A.Penas Merino.
Global Geobotany, Vol. nº 1. December 2011. pp. 1-634 + 4 Maps
ISSN: 2253-6426 (print) / ISSN: 2253-6523 (on line) / Depósito Legal LE-279-2011

Technical cartography:  Miguel Alvarez, Ignacio Prieto (University of León)

Computerized Bioclimatic Maps of the World - Draf Map Series of April 2010.
ISBN 978-84-691-6644-4 - Nº Registro 08/88909 - Edición Electrónica (on line publication)

Computer programmer:  S.Rivas-Sáenz (Phytosociological Research Center)

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