Bioclimatic Java Applets and Bioclimatic CGI

(by S.Rivas-Sáenz)

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History of our Bioclimatic programs
The Bioclimatic Programs written by A.Penas & M.A.Luengo where migrated from Turbo Basic (computing language for MS-DOS) to Visual Basic (computing language for Windows) in year 2000, as well as all their subsequent updates, in order to build both web sites also than a Bioclimatic CD-ROM. In other words we decided to "encapsulate" the Turbo Basic source codes into a Visual Basic Project. At the beginning of year 2004 we change of strategy and we write again all the source codes in Visual C++ (computing language for Windows).
The main reasons that forced us to achieve that modification where:
  1. To provide a source code compatible with Java (computing language for Internet).
  2. To progress in the Bioclimatic CD-ROM Project.
  3. To follow more quickly the modifications of the bioclimatic research and in consequence to supply the study of the Bioclimatology over the Internet
T he published diagnosis on march 2004 are already based on these new programs.
Any comment or question may be done our new email.
Java Programs
From the previous source codes we have "easily" built the Java Version, which is published in our 2 web sites since June 2004. By the way we could also build a bioclimatic online diagnosis, which means that you may type the climatic values and obtain the bioclimatic diagnosis using your Internet Navigator. All of these Java Programs are always downloaded into the "cache memory" of your computer and only work from it, which means that your data set remain confidential for the Internet, as well than for us. However if you want to get the bioclimatic diagnosis of several stations it may be easier and faster to use our Beta Version, which is actually only Windows© compatible.
Adaptation to the Research
The new programs have been progressively adapted from the Summarized Table to the last  publication in June and July 2004.
See other adaptations (in Spanish)