First Data Base Applications and Multimedia Projects

(by S.Rivas-Sáenz)

Overview -  Development -  Java -  Web Design -  Cartography -  Diagnosis -  Statistics
CLIMA.exe was written in CA-CLIPPER 5.2 (1994) in order to manage a SQL Database as well as to execute the Diagnosis Applications. This one is still now used in the main research.  Later, this application  was used to build up the first bioclimatic web site in 1996, and becomes useful to test through all the Data Base the continuous modifications of the Diagnosis applications.
Below is one example of CLIMA.EXE
From Grafic3.class to Grafic9.class
The first Java application was programmed  in 1996, very close to the beginning of the Java language, 6 different versions where programmed later. The Version 8 is actually used for the Bioclimatic Stations and the Version 9 is responsible of the On Line Diagnosis.
Below is a picture of the java application grafic7.class
Clima2000 Project
The first W32 application for the bioclimatic research was programmed on 2.000 in Visual Basic 6. Its purpose was to prepare the migration of CLIMA.EXE to a W32 environment as well as to build up an ACCESS database and prepare the data process for the HTML Applications.
Inside this Project, WebCD.exe was the name of the particular application responsible to build both Web sites, specially from year 2000 until the 2nd semester of 2002. WebCD has also built all the "station" folder until March 2004 and all the "data" folder until August 2004.
Below is one example of the first Version of WebCD.exe:
GBB Project
GBB is the name of the main program of Global Bioclimatic Belts for Windows OS. Inside this Project, a program called GisCD.exe has been responsible, until June 2004, of the following chapters: Climate Diagrams, Sensitive Maps & Bioclimatic Report. GbcGisCD.exe progressively replaces during the first semester of 2004 WebCD.exe & GisCD.exe, and is now used to build all the HTML Applications of both Web sites which are inside the following folders: data, map, plot, report & station
Below is one example of GbcGisCD.exe

First Multimedia Project
Our first multimedia project, Climate & Biosphere Cd-Series-II - Worldwide Bioclimatic Classification System, was written between year 2000 and year 2003.
Second Multimedia project
It was written between year 2004 and 2005, it was based on MFC 4.22 and DAO 3.51.<
GbcBiocBeta is the name of our main application that presents the scientific research in Bioclimatology, Biogeography and Phytosociology, through 5 essential forms: Climatic Data, Bioclimatic Index & Diagnosis, Bioclimatic Graphic, Hydric Data & Hydric Graphic. 
GbcInputBeta is the name of the application that lets you add your own climatic data, either manually or automatically from one or several "cli" files or  from a database. 
Third Multimedia project
GbcBioc is a new  version which is based on our own programming libraries. GbcGis is a new program which holds a Geographic Information System. The distribution is free over the Internet, however you must read and accept the License Agreement (License.txt). We also ask you to read our Credits Information (Readme.txt). The whole project is distributed with include the following main files:
  • GbcBioc.exe
  • GbcGis.exe
  • GBC.chm (help file)
  • GBB.xdb (database file)
  • Readme.txt
  • License.txt
  • Several programming libraries.
Download Beta Version 3.3: (December 24  2006)
  • programs, libraries & manual
Installation:: You must download and decompress the zip file into your hard disk. If you are using the programming libraries it is suggested to decompress on the root of your C drive, otherwise you may choose any other folder.  Inside the GBC folder (created by the zip file) click over GbcBioc.exe to start the application.