North American boreal and western temperate forest vegetation

Salvador Rivas-Martínez, Daniel Sánchez-Mata & Manuel Costa

Itinera Geobotanica 12:5-316 (1999)

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We present in this chapter a tabulated compilation of climatic and bioclimatic processed data from selected meteorologic stations throughout the North America including United States, Canada and Mexico countries. The US states and all the localities are listed by alphabetical order. Each station (locality) includes its geographic situation by coordinates (latitude and longitude), altitude and the following processed bioclimatic indexes: Continentality Index (Ic), Ombrothermic Index (Io), Ombrothermic index of the warmest bimonth of the summer quarter (Ios2), Compensated Thermicity Index (Itc) and Yearly Positive Temperature (Tp). Finally, we add the complete bioclimatic diagnoses (including bioclimates, thermotypes, ombrotypes, and bioclimatic variants if necessary) for each station. Acronyms follow the indicated on "Synoptical Worldwide Bioclimatic Classification System" compilated table and in figures 2 and 4.