North American boreal and western temperate forest vegetation

Salvador Rivas-Martínez, Daniel Sánchez-Mata & Manuel Costa

Itinera Geobotanica 12:5-316 (1999)

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In the typological summary and descriptions of plant communities, we present the discussion and the syntaxonomical results on North American Boreal and Western Temperate climactical and natural potential coniferous forests, their respective deciduous secondary forests and woodlands, and related riparian forests. Basically we publish only our personal selected relevés, ecological information and bioclimatic data.

Typological summary

V. Linnaeo americanae-Piceetea marianae

Va. Gaultherio-Piceetalia

1. Pinion banksianae

2. Gaultherio procumbentis-Piceion glaucae

3. Piceion rubentis

3a. Abieti balsameae-Piceetum rubentis

4. Ledo decumbentis-Piceion marianae

Vb. Tsugetalia mertensiano-heterophyllae

5. Tsugion heterophyllae

6. Tsugion mertensianae

7. Pinion contortae

Vc. Alno rubrae-Populetalia trichocarpae

8. Alno rubrae-Populion trichocarpae

Vd. Pseudotsugo glaucae-Abietetalia bifoliae

9. Piceo engelmannii-Abietion bifoliae

10. Pino scopulorum-Pseudotsugion glaucae

Ve. Betulo papyriferae-Populetalia tremuloidis

11. Betulo neoalaskanae-Populion tremuloidis

12. Betulo cordifoliae-Populion tremuloidis

13. Alnion rugosae

Vf. Populetalia angustifolio-deltoidis

14. Populion angustifolio-moniliferae

Vg. Populetalia fremontii

15. Populion fremontii

Vh. Ledo decumbentis-Betuletalia glandulosae

16. Salici pulchrae-Betulion glandulosae