Vascular plant communities of Spain and Portugal. Addenda to the Syntaxonomical checklist of 2001

Salvador Rivas-Martínez, Tomás E. Díaz, Federico Fernández-González, Jesús Izco, Javier Loidi, Mario Lousã & Ángel Penas

Itinera Geobotanica 15(1-2): 5-922 (2002)

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Syntaxonomical system

The 76 classes, 4 subclasses, 141 orders, 413 alliances and 88 Suballiances recognized in Spain and Portugal (insular territories included) have been concisely described and alphabetically grouped into nine major and twenty secondary categories, according to the classic progression of Braun-Blanquet's criteria. Physiognomical, structural, synecological and syndynamic features are indicated as well. More than 6000 characteristic species of syntaxa, from association to class, are also listed. All names used for syntaxa, including synonymous or altered names, are in accordance to the International Code of Phytosociological Nomenclature (Weber, Moravec & Theurillat 2000). Other common synonyms can be found in Itinera Geobot. 14: 5-341. 2001 (Syntaxonomical checklist of vascular plant communities of Spain and Portugal to association level), to which the present paper is subsequent.

1. Syntaxonomical system

The classes of Spain and Portugal (Madeiran, Azorean, Canarian and Balearic insular territories included) are listed below in alphabetical order.