Vascular plant communities of Spain and Portugal. Addenda to the Syntaxonomical checklist of 2001

Salvador Rivas-Martínez, Tomás E. Díaz, Federico Fernández-González, Jesús Izco, Javier Loidi, Mario Lousã & Ángel Penas

Itinera Geobotanica 15(1-2): 5-922 (2002)

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Authors of syntaxon names (J.Izco)


Science is that intellectual activity the object of wich is to understand nature -including the human species, human thought and human society- through experimentation and observation in accordance with systematic and objective criteria. This understanding must be ordered in such a way as to derive predictive models and laws from the diversity observed. In this sense, the ordering of biological diversity into typological models is eminently scientific. Biological taxonomy is tah area of sience wich aims to order intelectual abstractions representing the typological diversity of flora, fauna and vegetation, thus permiting inteligible scientific comunication.

A given taxonomic model is the result of criteria applied, and these in turn are the result of the prior objective knowledge of scientists, and the convergence of their opinions. For this reason taxonomic models have evolve over time, becoming increasingly objective and precise, as well as increasingly stable. The instrumental value of these models permits further scientific advences. In line with this Ayala (1996) states in reference to plants that "the need for systematic studies has never been greater than at present", for reasons ranging from their fundamental importance for evolutionary biology to "the aesthetic emotion and ethnic identity that they satisfy".

Nomenclature is the final step in the process of classification. The name is the label attached to a concept, simplifying its communication; not the object or the idea represented, but rather its representative. In this sense names are analogous to paper money, which has no intrinsic value but simply represents a promise to pay. For this reason taxonomic names are accompanied by the name of their originator and the year of publication, so that at any time the precise meaning of the concept can be confirmed.

In the biological sciences (Botany, Zoology, Microbiology), nomenclature is governed by field-specific codes which derive from analogous principles and which resolve existing problems in similar ways. This convergence has recently materialized in the Biocode project promoted by the International Union of Biological Sciences, whose aim is to provide orientation about various issues relating to biological nomenclature. As the youngest of the biological sciences, Phytosociology has been the last to develop a code of nomenclature, the International Code of Phytosociological Nomenclature (ICPN), the first version of which was published 25 years ago, the latest in the year 2000 (Weber et al., 2000). This third version states (Definition 12) that: "The term author citation refers in this Code to the representation of the name of the author(s) that validly published or validated the syntaxon name, followed by the year of the valid publication or validation". Article 46 justifies this approach: "In order to ensure that the indication of the name of a syntaxon is exact and complete, the name of the author (names of authors) who first validly published or validated this name together with the year of valid publication or validation must be quoted".

The number of authors in a field is of course roughly proportional to the number of entities described. In the nomenclature of plants and fungi, Brummitt & Powell (1992) have counted almost 30,000 authors over 250 years of botanical nomenclature. This number greatly exceeds the number of syntaxon authors, as expected for a nomenclatural system which is much younger and which groups species into syntaxa representing a higher level of ecological organization. Even so, problems arise in the transcription and identification of syntaxon authors. Izco (1997) has previously detailed the conflicts arising from author names with the same spelling, and has suggested several approaches to solve these problems. In a more recent publication, the same author (Izco, 2000) summarized with examples the diversity of author names for a single taxon (Izco, 2000). Now, for the first time, the current ICPN includes a recommendation (Recommendation 46B) on possible conflicts between author names and their resolution; however, this recommendation does not solve all possible conflicts. Before this problem becomes too serious, it is of interest to attempt to solve existing conflicts, to develop procedures for the standardization of names, and to promote the creation of an "author bank". The sooner the better! In this connection, the present publication aims to deal with problems relating to author citation, and to propose guidelines for the standardization of author names that already appear in the phytosociological literature.

The standardization of syntaxon author names proposed here is based in the criteria of Brummitt & Powell (op. cit.), which were in turn based in analogous previous studies from different fields (vascular plants, fungi, ferns, bryophytes, etc.) and on the conclusions of various informal working groups.

Normalization of author and syntaxon names

The normalization of names in phytosociology follows the same general rule as in other sciences: the use of the author's first surname or abbreviation thereof, with or without initials. However, this approach is not universally applicable, above all for authors (living or dead) who are already known by other forms. In such cases it may be considered justifiable to use the existing form (e.g. the author's two surnames, initials of first names, etc.). Nevertheless, there is clearly a need for normalization of these basic principles, with absolute values and flexible criteria of application.


The normalization is based in a number of absolute basic principles:

1. The Principle of Universality. Normalization affects all author names for syntaxa regulated by the current ICPN (Weber et al., 2000). This implies any syntaxon name, as defined in the ICPN (Definition 1), of any of the principal ranks (association, alliance, order, class) or auxiliary ranks (subassociation, suballiance, suborder, subclass) (Definition 2), that is both effectively published (Definition 3) and validly published (Definition 4). The authors of invalid names incorporated into valid names by the mechanisms established in the ICPN should likewise be normalized.

2. The Principle of Alphabet Uniformity. All names should be written in the Latin alphabet, and normalized accordingly. This is not an argument against the use of accents, which do not exist in Latin but which should be maintained in accordance with use in the language of origin (most importantly Finno-Ugric and Slavonic languages).

3. Principle of Univocality. Each author name should correspond univocally to one person, and vice-versa. Some authors may use a normalized form of their name in other fields, but this should not affect their name in Phytosociology, where it may have to compete with other names, and where usage may have consecrated other forms of citation. For example, Brummitt & Powell (op. cit.) propose Rivas Mart. as a normalized form for Salvador Rivas Martínez in taxonomy; however, the form Rivas-Martínez must be retained in Phytosociology, in view of its widespread use.

4. Principle of Homonymy. Homonyms are names with identical orthography (not taking into account accents or phonetic transcriptions) that must therefore be normalized to different forms so as to avoid error. Full and abbreviated forms that differ by only the full stop of the abbreviation are also considered homonyms.


1. Stability. Here, as with codes of nomenclature, the aim is to regulate in favour of stability and common use. It is neither possible nor desirable to fix absolute criteria, nor to apply such criteria retrospectively. Experience demonstrates that there will always be cases that were not considered when the criteria were initially fixed; furthermore, changing the name of an author will often simply lead to confusion.

2. Simplicity. A normalized name should be formed by the author's surname or its abbreviation, accompanied if necessary by his/her initial/s. Contractions should not be used. Some surnames are double, comprised of two terms, and in some countries two surnames (Spain, Portugal and other Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking countries) are traditionally used. This may give rise to confusion if one or other or both names are used inconsistently. There is no universal formula for normalization in such cases, but here we propose the use of the first surname, except in cases in which the author him/herself prefers the second surname or both surnames, and/or in which the use of the first surname would conflict with common use, and/or in which the use of the first surname is only insufficiently discriminant with respect to other names.

3. Grammatical particles, apocopes and other elements. In some languages, surnames often contain grammatical particles, apocopes, articles, prepositions and other such elements. The citation of such names varies very widely. Typically these elements precede the proper name, so it is reasonable that this is how they should appear in the citation. The use of upper and lower face varies widely, and the only sensible solution appears to be adherence to custom, despite the difficulties that this may cause.

4. Breakage of homonymy. In cases of homonymy of the first surname, initials must be used for disambiguation. A single initial should be sufficient if this breaks the homonymy, unless one of the authors in question has a composite name and habitually signs with both names or various initials, in which case the initials should be used. In recent years, it has become common for Spanish authors to use a hyphen between the two surnames, to break homonymy of the first surname. In these cases initials should be used, even if this means a slight name change with respect to previous publications.

In cases in which it is necessary to break homonymy, the simplest form should be used for the author more frequently cited, and the most complex form for the author less frequently cited.

5. Abbreviations and contractions. Abbreviations are much more commonly used for first names than for surnames. Most commonly, first names are reduced to the first letter, in upper face, followed by a full stop. The first surname should never be abbreviated, except if it is a hyphenated composite. When the second surname is necessary to break homonymy, it should be abbreviated if it is too long. Abbreviations should contain at least one syllable, and should terminate in a consonant. Contractions are likewise infrequent, although Braun-Blanquet has conventionally been written Br.-Bl., which must be maintained as common usage. The contraction of new names is not recommended, and is not included in the standardization presented in Annex I.

AcknowledgementsWe would like to thank our friends and colleages C. Aguiar, F. Alcaraz, A. Asensi, N. Boscaiu, J. Capelo, M. Collado, J.C. Costa, M.B. Crespo, M. Del Arco, B. Díez Garretas, C. Lence, D. Espirito-Santo, J.J. Lazare, J. Loidi, R. Masalles, J. Molero, R. Pott, D. Sánchez-Mata, G. Sburlino, C. Valle, F. Valle and L. Villar, for their help in the "List of authors of syntaxon names".


Standar form of the name Author: Surname and given name (date of birth and death)
Acebes Acebes Ginovés, Juan Ramón (1950-)
Adriani Adriani, M.J.
Aedo Aedo Pérez, Carlos (1960-)
Aeschimann Aeschimann, David (1956-)
Aguiar Aguiar, Carlos Francisco Gonçalves (1963-)
Aguilella Aguilella Palasí, Antoni (1956-)
Aichinger Aichinger, E.
Aizpuru Aizpuru Oiarbide, Iñaki (1956-)
Albrecht Albrech, J.
Alcaraz Alcaraz Ariza, Francisco (1958-)
Algarra Algarra Avila, José Antonio (1974-)
Allier Allier, Claude (1939-)
Allorge Allorge, Pierre (1891-1944)
Almeida Almeida, Ana Maria Santiago Ferreira de (1950-)
J. Alonso Alonso Felpete, José Ignacio (1973-)
M.T. Alonso Alonso, M.T.
J.R. Alonso Alonso Fernández, J. Ramón (1952-)
R. Alonso Alonso Redondo, Raquel (1970-)
M.A. Alonso Alonso Vargas, María Ángeles (1970-)
Alvarado Alvarado Guerri, Juan José (1964-)
Arbesú Alvarez Arbesú, Ramón Luis (1964-)
R. Alvarez Alvarez Díaz, Ramón (1927-1994)
J. Alvarez Alvarez Rogel, José (1965-)
H. Alves Alves, Henrique Nepomuceno (1968-)
Alves Alves, Paulo Mendes (1975-)
Amich Amich García, Francisco (1953-)
Amigo Amigo Vázquez, Francisco Javier (1956-)
Amils Amils Pibermat, Ricardo (1947-)
Amor Amor Morales, Ángel (1959-)
Andrade Andrade Olalla, Antonia
Andrés Andrés Rodríguez, Jaime (1935-1997)
Antunes Antunes, Joao Henrique Satyro de Castro (1947-)
Archiloque Archiloque, Alain (1939-)
Arènes Arènes, Jean (1898-1960)
Arnaiz Arnaiz Ronda, Carlos (1948-)
Arnold Arnold Apostolides, Nelly
Arsenio Arsenio, Pedro Ramos dos Santos (1971-)
Asensi Asensi Marfil, Alfredo (1949-)
Aubert Aubert, Guy (1934-)
Aune Aune, Egil Ingvar (1945-)
Avanzini Avanzini, Aldo (1949-1992)
G. Azcárate See Giménez de Azcárate Cornide, Joaquín
Balátová Balátová-Tulácková, Emilie
Ballester Ballester, P.
Ballesteros Ballesteros i Segarra, Enric
Bannes Bannes-Puygiron, G. de
Barbero Barbero, Marcel (1940-)
Barkman Barkman, Jan Johannes (1922-1990)
Barquín Barquín Diez, Eduardo (1943-)
Barreno Barreno Rodríguez, Eva (1950-)
Barrera Barrera Martínez, Ildefonso (1951-)
Barreto Barreto Caldas, Francisco (1943-)
Bartolomé Bartolomé Esteban, Carmen (1958-)
Báscones Báscones Carretero, Juan Carlos (1949-)
Baudière Baudière, André (1932-)
Baulies Baulies Bochaca, Xavier
Beeftink Beeftink, W.G.
Beger Beger, Herber K.E. (1899-1955)
Béguin Béguin, Claude (1939-)
Béguinot Béguinot, Auguste (1875-1940)
Bellot Bellot Rodríguez, Francisco (1911-1983)
Belmonte Belmonte López, María Dolores (1954-)
Belsher Belsher, Thomas (1943-)
Benabid Benabid, Abdalmalek
Benito Benito Alonso, José Luis (1967-)
Bennema Bennema, J.
Berastegi Berastegi Garziandia, Asun (1970-)
Bharucha Bharucha, Faridunji Rustomji (1904-)
Bibiloni Bibiloni, G.
Biondi Biondi, Edoardo (1944-)
Biurrun Biurrun Galarraga, Idoia (1966-)
Böcher Böcher, Tyge Wittrock (1909-1983)
Böckelmann Böckelmann, Werner
Boira Boira Tortajada, Herminio (1943-)
O. Bolòs Bolòs i Capdevila, Oriol de (1924-)
A. Bolòs Bolòs i Vayreda, Antoni de (1889-1975)
Bonin Bonin, Gilles (1938-)
Borel Borel, Louis (1935-)
Børgesen Børgesen, Frederik Christian Emil (1866-1954)
Borhidi Borhidi, Attila (1932-)
Borja Borja Carbonell, José (1902-1993)
Böttcher Böttcher, Hans (1935-)
Boucher Boucher, Christian (1949-)
C.F. Boudouresque Boudouresque, Charles-François (1941-)
G. Braun-Blanquet Braun-Blanquet, Gabrielle
Br.-Bl. Braun-Blanquet, Josias (1884-1980)
Bresset Bresset, Vivette (1938-)
Brinkmeier Brinkmeier, R.
Brullo Brullo, Salvatore (1947-)
Brun-Hool Brun-Hool, J.
Bueno Bueno Sánchez, Miguel Álvaro (1962-)
Büker Büker, R.
Burgaz Burgaz Moreno, Ana Rosa (1952-)
Burollet Burollet, Pierre André (1889- ?)
Cabello Cabello Piñar, Francisco Javier (1965-)
Cabezudo Cabezudo Artero, Baltasar (1946-)
Camarasa Camarasa i Castillo, Josep Maria
Camuñas Camuñas Mohinelo, Elena (1969-)
Canalís Canalís i Hernández, Víctor
Cano Cano Carmona, Eusebio (1952-)
Cantó Cantó Ramos, Paloma (1956-)
Capelo Capelo, Jorge Henrique Gonçalves (1965-)
Caraça Caraça, Rute
Cardona Cardona i Florit, Maria dels Àngels (1940-1992)
Carqué Carqué Álamo, Eduardo (1963-)
Carrasco Carrasco Salazar, María Andrea (1944-)
Carreras Carreras i Raurell, Jordi
Carretero Carretero Cervero, José Luis (1941-)
Carrillo Carrillo i Ortuño, Empar (1954-)
Casanovas Casanovas i Poch, Laia
Casares Casares Porcel, Manuel (1956-)
Casas Casas i Arcarons, Carme
F. Casas See Fernández Casas, Francisco Javier
Casaseca Casaseca Mena, Bartolomé (1920-1998)
Rego Castro Rego, Francisco (1955-)
Castroviejo Castroviejo Bolibar, Santiago (1946-)
Catalán Catalán Rodríguez, Pilar (1958-)
Ceballos Ceballos y Fernández de Córdoba, Luis (1896-1967)
Charrier Charrier, Joseph (1879-1963)
Chirilà Chirilà, C.
Chouard Chouard, Pierre (1903-1983)
Christiansen Christiansen, Willi (1885-1966)
Chytrý Chytrý, Milan (1967-)
Cirujano Cirujano Bracamonte, Santos (1950-)
Collado Collado Prieto, Miguel Ángel (1953-)
Comps Comps, Bernard (1936-)
Conard Conard, Henry Shoemaker (1874-1971)
Conesa Conesa i Mor, Josep Antoni
Corillion Corillion Robert, J. (1908-)
Cortés Cortés, John E.
J.C. Costa Costa, José Carlos Augusta da (1955-)
Costa Costa Talens, Manuel (1938-)
Costa Ten. Costa Tenorio, Margarita (1951-)
A. Crespo Crespo de las Casas, Ana (1948-)
M.B. Crespo Crespo Villalba, Manuel Benito (1962-)
Cruz Cruz Rot, Marcelino de la
Cuatrecasas Cuatrecasas i Arumí, Josep (1903-1996)
Cuenca Cuenca, J. (1960-)
Curcó Curcó i Masip, Antoni
Dahl Dahl, Eilif (1916-1993)
Dalda Dalda González, Jenaro (1918-1999)
Dambska Dambska, I.
Dana Dana Sánchez, Elías
Darimont Darimont, Fredy
Darquistade Darquistade Fadrique, Ainhoa (1971-)
De Foucault De Foucault, Bruno (1951-)
De la Torre De la Torre García, Antonio (1962-)
De Paz De Paz Canuria, Elena (1956-)
Deil Deil, Ulrich (1948-)
Del Arco Del Arco Aguilar, Marcelino José (1953-)
Del Río Del Río González, Sara (1973-)
Del Risco Del Risco, Enrique (1939-)
Delelis Delelis-Dusollier, Annick (1942-)
Delgado Delgado Iniesta, María José (1968-)
Den Hartog Den Hartog, Cornelius (1931-)
Días Días, Eduardo (1958-)
T.E. Díaz Díaz González, Tomás Emilio (1949-)
Diemont Diemont, W.H.
Dierschke Dierschke, Hartmut (1937-)
Dierßen Dierßen, Klaus (1948-)
Díez Garretas Díez Garretas, Blanca (1950-)
Dijk Dijk, J.W.
Doing Doing, Henk
Drouineau Drouineau
Dupont Dupont, Pierre (1925-)
Durand Durand, G.
Duvigneaud Duvigneaud, Jacques (1920-)
Eggler Eggler, J.
El Antri El Antri, Mohammed
Elena Elena Roselló, Juana Ana (1949-)
Eliás Eliás, Pavol (1949-)
Ellenberg Ellenberg, Heinz (1913-1997)
Ellmauer Ellmauer, Thomas
Emberger Emberger, Louis (1897-1969)
Ernst Ernst,Wallace (1928-1971)
Escudero Escudero Alcántara, Adrián (1965-)
Espinosa Espinosa Fernández, Presentación (1943-)
Espírito-Santo Espírito-Santo, María Dalila Paula do (1951-)
Esteso Esteso Esteso, Francisco
Esteve Esteve Chueca, Fernando (1919-1988)
Esteves Esteves, A.
Fabijanic Fabijanic
Fanlo Fanlo, M. Rosario (1947-)
Farràs Farràs i de Blas, Antoni (1949-1990)
Farris Farris
Feldmann Feldmann, Jean (1905-1978)
J.V. Fernández Fernández, J.V.
P. Fernández Fernández Areces, María Pilar
M.I. Fernández Fernández Arias, María Isabel
M.A. Fernández Fernández Casado, María de los Ángeles (1952-)
F. Casas Fernández Casas, Francisco Javier (1945-)
S. Fernández Fernández Fábregas, Salvador
Galiano Fernández Galiano Fernández, Emilio (1923-)
Gallardo Gallardo San Salvador, José Angel (1962-)
M. Fernández Fernández Galván, Manuel (1947-)
D. Fernández Fernández González, Delia (1958-)
Fernández-González Fernández González, Federico (1956-)
M.C. Fernández Fernández Ordóñez, María del Carmen (1949-)
J. Fernández Fernández Palacio, José Vicente (1958-)
F. Prieto Fernández Prieto, José Antonio (1950-)
A. Fernández Fernández Rodríguez, Ana (1974-)
Fernández-Carv. Fernández-Carvajal Álvarez, María del Carmen (1951-)
Ferre Ferre, E. (1944-)
Figuerola Figuerola Lamata, Ramón (1953-)
Fijalkowski Fijalkowski, Dominik (1922-)
Filigheddu Filigheddu
Focquet Focquet, P.
Folch Folch i Guillén, Ramon (1946-)
X. Font Font i Castell, Xavier (1958-)
Font Quer Font i Quer, Pius (1888-1964)
Fontes Fontes, Fernando Carvalho (1915-)
Fontinha Fontinha, Susana (1965-)
Franquesa Franquesa i Codinach, Teresa
Freitag Freitag, Helmut E. (1932-)
Frey Frey, E.
Fuente de la Fuente García, Vicenta (1950-)
Fuertes Fuertes Lasala, Esther (1941-)
Fujiwara Fujiwara, Kazue (1944-)
F. Fukarek Fukarek, F.
P. Fukarek Fukarek, Paule (1912-1983)
Funk Funk, Georg
Furnari Furnari, Francesco (1933-)
Gajewski Gajewski, Waclaw (1911-)
Galán Galán de Mera, Antonio (1961-)
Galiano See Fernández Galiano Fernández, Emilio
Gallardo Gallardo
Gallego Gallego Martín, Francisca (1947-)
Gamisans Gamisans, Jácques (1944-)
Gams Gams, Helmut (1893-1976)
M. García García Antón, M.
R. García García Cachán, Rosa (1960-)
J. García García Casanova, José (1954-)
A. García García Fuentes, Antonio (1968-)
García Gallo García Gallo, Antonio (1956-)
M.E. García García González, Marta Eva (1959-)
García Mijangos García Mijangos, Itziar (1959-)
D. García García San León, David (1971-)
P. García García Murillo, Pablo (1962-)
A.R. García García Rodríguez, Antonio (1961-)
G. Sancho García Sancho, Leopoldo (1956-)
García-Baq. García-Baquero Moneo, Gonzalo (1971-)
Garre Garre Belmonte, Manuel (1960-)
Gavilán Gavilán García, Rosario Gloria (1963-)
Géhu Géhu, Jean Marie (1930-)
Géhu-Franck Géhu-Franck, Jeanette (1923-)
J. Gil Gil, J.
L. Gil Gil Vives, Lorenzo (1966-)
M.C. Gil Gil Rodríguez, María Candelaria (1951-)
Y. Gil Gil, Yolanda (1968-)
Gillner Gillner, V.
G. Azcárate Giménez de Azcárate Cornide, Joaquín (1962-)
M.A. Giménez Giménez Giménez, María Ángeles
E. Giménez Giménez Luque, Esther (1971-)
Gödde Gödde, M.
Gomes Gomes, Carlos José Pinto (1957-)
Gómez Mercado Gómez Mercado, Francisco (1963-)
F.J. González González, F.J.
J.L. González González, José Luis
M.A. González González Zapatero, María Ángeles (1948-)
González-Albo González-Albo Campillo, José (1913-1938)
Görs Görs, Sabine
Grabherr Grabherr, Georg (1946-)
Grabner Grabner, Georg
Gràcia Gràcia i Passola, Esperança (1942-)
Gruber Gruber, Michel (1943-)
Guàrdia Guàrdia i Rúbies, Roser (1961-)
Guerlesquin Guerlesquin, Micheline Y. (1928-)
Guerra Guerra Montes, Juan (1952-)
Guijarro Guijarro, J.A.
Guinea Guinea López, Emilio (1907-1985)
Guinochet Guinochet, Marcel (1909-1997)
J. Guitián Guitián Rivera, Javier (1956-)
P. Guitián Guitián Rivera, Pablo (1960-)
A. Gutiérrez Gutiérrez Balbás, Antonio (1962-)
I. Gutiérrez Gutiérrez Villarías, María Isabel (1951-)
Gutte Gutte, Peter (1939-)
Hadac Hadac, Emil Franziskov Lazne (1914-)
Harmsen Harmsen, G.W.
Haug Haug, H.
Heinemann Heinemann, P.
Hejný Hejný, Slamovil (1924-)
den Held den Held, Adriana Johanna (Hanneke) (1944-)
Hendoux Hendoux, Frédéric
Hernández Hernández Cardona, Ángel M. (1948-)
Herrera Herrera Gallastegui, Mercedes (1959-)
L. Herrero Herrero Cembranos, Luis (1956-)
A. Herrero Herrero, Alberto
Heywood Heywood, Vernon H. (1927-)
Hild Hild, H.J.
Hinterlang Hinterlang, Dirk
Hocquette Hocquette, Maurice (1902-1984)
Hofmeister Hofmeister, Heinrich
Holub Holub, Josef Ludwig (1930-1999)
Homet Homet García-Cernuda, Juan María (1954-)
Hommel Hommel, P.W.F.M.
Honrado Honrado, João José Pradinho (1974-)
Horvat Horvat, Ivo (1897-1963)
Horvatic Horvatic, Stjepan (Stephan) (1899-1975)
Hueck Hueck, Kurt (1897-1965)
Hülbusch Hülbusch, K.-H.
Hüppe Hüppe, Joachim (1953-)
Iglesias Iglesias Louzán, Ramiro (1953-)
Inocencio Inocencio Pretel, Cristina (1968-)
Issler Issler, E.
Iversen Iversen, J.
Izco Izco Sevillano, Jesús (1940-)
Jakucs Jakucks, P.
Jalut Jalut, Guy
Jansen Jansen, P.
J. Jansen Jansen, Jan
Jardim Jardim, Roberto (1969-)
Jeník Jeník, Jan (1929-)
Jenny Jenny-Lips, H.
Jouanne Jouanne, P. (1900-1926)
Jovet Jovet, Paul (1896-1991)
Juan Juan Gallardo, Ana Isabel (1971-)
Julve Julve, Philippe (1954-)
Jurko Jurko, A.
Kaiser Kaiser, E.
Karner Karner, P.
Karpov Karpov, D.N.
M. Kästner Kästner, M.
A. Kästner Kästner, A. (1936-)
Kelhofer Kelhofer, Ernst (1877-1917)
Klauck Klauck, E.-J.
Klein Klein, Jean Claude (1937-)
Klika Klika, Jaromír (1888-1957)
Klötzli Klötzli, Frank
Knapp Knapp, Rüdiger (1917-)
Koch Koch, Walo (1896-1956)
A. Köhler Köhler, A.
U. Köhler Köhler, Udo (1911-1983)
Kopecký Kopecký, K.
Krajina Krajina, Vladimir Joseph (1905-)
Krausch Krausch, Heinz-Dieter (1928-)
Krause Krause, Werner
Kruseman Kruseman, G. Jr.
Kuhn Kuhn, K.
Kühnholtz Kühnholtz-Lordat, M.
Küpfer Küpfer, Philippe (1942-)
Ladero Ladero Álvarez, Miguel (1939-)
Lambinon Lambinon, Jacques (1936-)
Lang Lang, G.
B. Lanjouw Lanjouw, B.
Lanjouw Lanjouw, Joseph (1902-1984)
Laorga Laorga Sánchez, Susana (1957-)
Lapraz Lapraz, Guy (1918-)
Lastra Lastra Menéndez, Juan José (1954-)
Lavagne Lavagne, André (1932-)
Lazare Lazare, Jean-Jacques (1949-)
Lázaro Lázaro Suau, Roberto (1952-)
Lebrun Lebrun, Jean-Pierre (1932-)
Leite Leite, Alexandra Maria
Lemée Lemée, Georges (1908-1996)
Lems Lems, Kornelius (1931-1968)
Lence Lence Paz, María del Carmen (1969-)
León León Arencibia, María Catalina (1951-)
Leps Leps, Jan
Letouzey Letouzey-Dulau, Josette (1940-)
Libbert Libbert, W.
Limbourg Limbourg, P.
Liou Liou, Tchen-Ngo
Lippert Lipper, Wolfgang (1937-)
Litardière Litardière, René Verriet de (1888-1957)
Llamas Llamas García, Félix (1952-)
Llop Llop
Llorens Llorens García, Leonardo (1946-)
Lobo Lobo Urrutia, Luis (1967-)
Lohmeyer Lohmeyer, W.
Loidi Loidi Arregui, Javier (1953-)
Loisel Loisel, Roger (1938-)
Lopes Lopes, Maria do Carmo (1954-)
M.L. López López Fernández, María Luisa (1940-)
G. López López González, Ginés (1950-)
M. López López Guadalupe, Manuel (1933-)
J. López López Nieto, Juan Manuel (1965-)
M.J. López López Pacheco, María José (1950-)
J.A. López López Sáez, José Antonio (1966-)
G.V. López López Vélez, Gemma
Loriente Loriente Escallada, Enrique (1931-2000)
Lorite Lorite Moreno, Juan (1971-)
M. Losa Losa España, Mariano (1893-1965)
J.M. Losa Losa Quintana, José María (1930-)
Lousã Lousã, Mario Fernandes (1940-)
Luceño Luceño Garcés, Modesto (1955-)
Lucía Lucía Sauquillo, Vicente (1951-)
Lüdi Lüdi, W.
Lüpnitz Lüpnitz, Dieter
Luquet Luquet, Aimé
Maas Maas, F.M.
Maire Maire, René (1878-1949)
Malato-Beliz Malato-Beliz, João Vicente Cordeiro (1920-1993)
Malcuit Malcuit, G. (1882-1960)
Malmer Malmer, N.
Mansanet Mansanet Mansanet, José (1915-1990)
Marcenò Marcenò, Cosimo (1939-)
A. Marcos Marcos, A.
B. Marcos Marcos Laso, Bernarda (1952-)
N. Marcos Marcos Samaniego, Nieves
Marcot Marcot-Coqueugniot, Jacqueline (1930-)
Margalef Margalef López, Ramón (1919-)
Marín Marín Calderón, Guadalupe (1945-)
Markus Markus, Ch.
Marschall Marschall, Fra
Martín Martín Osorio, Victoria Eugenia (1957-)
M. Martínez Martínez, M.
G. Martínez Martínez García, Gonzalo (1936-)
Martínez-Parras Martínez Parras, José María (1953-)
Marrero Marrero Gómez, María del Carmen
Masalles Masalles i Saumell, Ramon Maria (1948-)
Masclans Masclans i Girvès, Francesc (1905-2000)
Mateo Mateo Sanz, Gonzalo (1953-)
A. Matuszkiewicz Matuszkiewicz, A.
W. Matuszkiewicz Matuszkiewicz, Wladyslaw (1921-)
Mauric Mauric, Alain (1961-)
Mayor Mayor López, Matías (1938-)
Mayoral Mayoral Arqué, Antoni
Medina Medina Domingo, Leopoldo (1967-)
Meier Meier, H.
Melendo Melendo Luque, Manuel (1961-)
Mendiola Mendiola Ubillos, María Ángeles (1953-)
Merker Merker, H.
Mesquita Mesquita, Sandra Cristina Paul Fernandes (1971-)
Milbradt Milbradt, Joachim (1948-)
Minissale Minissale, Pietro (1960-)
Mirkin Mirkin, Boris M.
Miyawaki Miyawaki, Akira (1928-)
Molero Brion. Molero Briones, Julián (1946-)
Molero Molero Mesa, Joaquín (1952-)
R. Molina Molina, Rafael
J.A. Molina Molina Abril, José Antonio (1960-)
A. Molina Molina Maruenda, Andrés (1956-1991)
Molinier Molinier, René (1899-1975)
Monasterio Monasterio Fernández, Agustín (1910-1975)
A. Monteiro Monteiro, Ana (1956-)
H. Monteiro Monteiro Neto, Honorio da Costa (1900-1978)
G. Montserrat Montserrat Martí, Gabriel Maria (1956-)
J.M. Montserrat Montserrat Martí, Josep Maria (1955-)
P. Montserrat Montserrat Recoder, Pedro (1918-)
Moor Moor, Max
Moore Moore, J.J.
R. Morales Morales Alonso, R.
C. Morales Morales Torres, María Concepción (1944-)
Morán Morán
Moravec Moravec, Jaroslav (1929-)
G. Moreno Moreno Horcajada, Gabriel (1951-)
J.M. Moreno Moreno Rodríguez, José Manuel (1952-)
Morla Morla Juaristi, Carlos (1950-)
Mossa Mossa, Luigi (1938-)
Mota Mota Poveda, Juan Francisco (1961-)
Mouga Mouga, Teresa
Mucina Mucina, Ladislav (1956-)
Müller Müller, Theodor (1894-1969)
Muñoz Muñoz Medina, José María (1895-1979)
Nava Nava Fernández, Herminio Severiano (1956-)
F. Navarro Navarro Andrés, Florentino (1947-)
C. Navarro Navarro Aranda, Carmen (1949-)
F.B. Navarro Navarro Reyes, Francisco Bruno (1973-)
G. Navarro Navarro Sánchez, Gonzalo (1955-)
D. Navas Navas Fernández, David (1966-)
P. Navas Navas Fernández, Patricia (1965-)
Nègre Nègre, Robert (1924-)
Negrillo Negrillo Galindo, Ana María (1950-)
Neto Neto, Carlos da Silva (1960-)
Neuhäusl Neuhäusl, Robert
Neumann Neumann
Nezadal Nezadal, Werner (1945-)
Nieto Nieto Caldera, José María (1955-)
J. Nieto Nieto Carriondo, Juana
Nimis Nimis, Pier Luigi (1953-)
Ninot Ninot i Sugrañes, Josep Maria (1955-)
Noirfalise Noirfalise, Albert
Nordhagen Nordhagen, Rolf (1894-1979)
F.A. Novák Novák, F.A. (1892-1964)
V. Novák Novák, V.
Nowinski Nowinski, M.
Oberdorfer Oberdorfer, Erich (1905-)
Ohba Ohba, Tatsuyuki (1936-)
Olano Olano Mendoza, José Miguel (1966-)
Onaindia Onaindia Olalde, Miren (1954-)
Orshan Orshan, G.
Ortiz Ortiz Núñez, Santiago (1957-)
Ortuño Ortuño, Francisco
Osvald Osvald, H.
Padrón Padrón Padrón,Pedro Agustín (1962-)
Paes Paes, Ana Paula (1961-)
Pajarón Pajarón Sotomayor, Santiago (1954-)
Papió Papió i Perdigó, Christian
Parriaud Parriaud, Henri (1924-)
Pascual Pascual, P.
Passarge Passarge, Harro
Passchier Passchier, H.
Pavillard Pavillard, Jules (1868-1961)
Pawlowski Pawlowski, Bogumil (1898-1971)
Peciar Peciar, V.
Pedro Pedro, Jose Gomes (1915-)
Peinado Peinado Lorca, Manuel (1953-)
Penas Penas Merino, Ángel (1948-)
Peñas Peñas de Giles, Julio (1966-)
Peppler-Lisbach Peppler-Lisbach
Peralta Peralta de Andrés, Francisco Javier (1962-)
Perdigó Perdigó Arisó, Maria Teresa (1925-)
Pérez-Badia Pérez Badia, María Rosa (1961-)
F.J. Pérez Pérez Carro, Francisco Javier
J.L. Pérez Pérez Chiscano, José Luis (1930-)
Pérez de Paz Pérez de Paz, Pedro Luis (1949-)
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C. Pérez Pérez Morales, Carmen (1952-)
Pérez-Raya Pérez Raya, Francisco (1956-)
Peris Peris Gisbert, Juan Bautista (1948-)
Pertíñez Pertíñez Izquierdo, Concepción (1965-)
Petersen Petersen
Philippi Philippi, Georg (1936-)
Pietsch Pietsch, Werner
Pignatti Pignatti, Alessandro (1930-)
E. Pignatti Pignatti, Erika (1929-) [Wikus Erica]
Pino Pino i Vilalta, Joan (1967-)
P. Silva See Silva, Antonio Rodrigo Pinto da
C. Pinto Pinto Gomes, Carlos Jose (1957-)
Pizarro Pizarro Domínguez, José (1956-)
Poli Poli Marchese, Emilia (1936-)
Pop Pop, I.
Porta Porta Casanellas, Jaime (1945-)
Pott Pott, Richard (1951-)
Prada Prada Moral, María del Carmen (1953-)
Preising Preising, Ernst (1911-)
F. Prieto See Fernández Prieto, José Antonio
P. Prieto Prieto, Pablo (1933-)
Puente Puente García, Emilio (1957-)
Pujadas Pujadas i Salvá, Antoni J. (1950-)
Pulgar Pulgar Sañudo, Iñigo (1962-)
Quézel Quézel, Pierre (1926-)
Rameau Rameau, Jean-Claude (1943-)
Ramil Ramil Rego, Pablo (1962-)
Rauschert Rauschert, Stephan (1931-1986)
Rebholz Rebholz, E.
Recasens Recasens i Guinjuan, Jordi (1957-)
Redeker Redeker,G.C.
Rego See Francisco Castro, Rego
Rehnelt Rehnelt, K.
Reyes Reyes Betancort, Jorge Alfredo (1970-)
Richard Richard, Jean-Louis (1921-)
Rigual Rigual Magallón, Abelardo (1918-)
Rigueiro Rigueiro Rodríguez, Antonio (1951-)
Ríos Ríos Ruiz, Segundo (1961-)
Rioux Rioux, Jean-Antoine (1923?-)
Rita Rita Larrucea, Juan (1957-)
Rivas Goday Rivas Goday, Salvador (1905-1981)
C. Rivas Rivas Martínez, Constantino (1937-)
Rivas-Martínez Rivas Martínez, Salvador (1935-)
Robledo Robledo Miras, Antonio (1961-)
O. Rodríguez Rodríguez Delgado, Octavio (1957-)
M. Rodríguez Rodríguez Guitián, Manuel (1964-)
J. Rodríguez Rodríguez Oubiña, Juan José (1954-)
J.C. Rodríguez Rodríguez Piñero, José Cristobal (1953-)
A. Rodríguez Rodríguez Rodríguez, Antonio (1952-)
P. Rodríguez Rodríguez Rojo, María del Pilar (1972-)
L. Rodríguez Rodríguez Tamayo, L.
Rodwell Rodwell, John S.
Romero Romero Buján, María Inmaculada (1956-)
Romo Romo Díez, Angel María (1955-)
J. Roselló Roselló Picornell, Josep Antoni (1961-)
R. Roselló Roselló Gimeno, Roberto (1952-)
Rothmaler Rothmaler, Werner (1908-1962)
Roussine Roussine, Nathalie-A. (1889-1968) [born Desiatova-Sostenko]
G. Roux Roux, George (1942-)
J. Roux Roux, Jacques
Royer Royer, Jean-Marie (1944-)
Rozeira Rozeira, Arnaldo Deodata da Fonseca (1912-1984)
Rübel Rübel, Eduard August (1876-1960)
Rubio Rubio Sánchez, Agustín (1965-)
Ruiz Ruiz Téllez, Trinidad
Sáenz Sáenz Laín, Concepción (1935-) [Sáenz de Rivas]
Sáinz Sáinz Ollero,Helios (1950-)
Salas Salas Pascual, Marcos (1965-)
Salazar Salazar Mendías, Carlos (1969-)
F. Salegui Fernández Salegui, Ana Belén (1971-)
Salvo Salvo Tierra, Ángel Enrique (1957-)
M.E. Sánchez Sánchez, María Eugenia
M.A. Sánchez Sánchez Anta, María Ángeles (1946-)
J.M. Sánchez Sánchez Fernández, José María (1965-)
I. Sánchez Sánchez García, Íñigo
P. Sánchez Sánchez Gómez, Pedro (1961-)
Sánchez-Mata Sánchez Mata, Daniel [Pablo de la Cruz] (1959-)
N. Sánchez Sánchez Pascual, N.
J.A. Sánchez Sánchez Rodríguez, Juan Antonio (1951-)
Sans Sans i Serra, Francesc Xavier (1959-)
M.T. Santos Santos Bobillo, María Teresa (1941-)
F. Santos Santos Francés, Fernando (1949-)
A. Santos Santos Guerra, Arnoldo (1948-)
Sánz Sánz Fábrega
Sardinero Sardinero Roscales, Santiago (1962-)
Sauer Sauer, F.
Scamoni Scamoni, A.
Scelsi Scelsi, Fabrizio (1961-)
Schaminée Schaminée, Joop H.J. (1957-)
Scharfetter Scharfetter, Rudolf (1860-1956)
Schipper Schipper, P.C.
Schönfelder Schönfelder, Peter
Schubert Schubert, R.
Schwabe Schwabe, Angelika (1950-) [Schwabe-Kratochwil]
Schwickerath Schwickerath, Mathias Friederich (1892-1974)
Schwippel Schwippel, I.
Sebastià Sebastià i Àlvarez, Maria Teresa
Segal Segal, Ronald Henry (1940-)
Seibert Seibert, Paul
Sell Sell, Y.
Sequeira Sequeira, Miguel Pinto da Silva Meneses de (1964-)
Serve Serve, Léon (1941-)
Sesé Sesé Franco, Jose Antonio (1965-)
P. Silva Silva, Antonio Rodrigo Pinto da (1912-1992)
J. Silva Silva Pando, Francisco Javier (1955-)
Silván Silván Beraza, Francisco (1965-)
Sissingh Sissingh, Gerard
Sjögren Sjögren, Erik
Slavnic Slavnic, Z.
O. Socorro Socorro Abreu, Oswaldo (1949-)
S. Socorro Socorro Hernández, Juan Sergio (1955-)
Sokolowski Sokolowski, M.
Solanas Solanas Ferrándiz, José Luis (1955-)
Soó Soó von Bere, Károly Rezsö (1903-1980)
P. Soriano Soriano Guarinos, Pilar (1959-)
I. Soriano Soriano i Tomàs, Ignasi (1957-)
Sougnez Sougnez, Nicolas
Spampinato Spampinato, Giovanni (1958-)
Spichiger Spichiger, Rodolphe (1946-)
Stoffers Stoffers, Anton Lambertus (1926-)
Stortelder Stortelder, Anton F.H.
Stübing Stübing Martínez, Gerardo (1957-)
Suárez Suárez Rodríguez, Carlos (1957-)
Sukopp Sukopp, Herbert (1930-)
Sunding Sunding, Per (1938-)
Susplugas Susplugas, Jean (1905-1987)
Suzuki Suzuki Tokio, T. (1911-)
Taffetani Taffetani, Fabio (1952-)
Tallon Tallon, Gabriel (1890-1972)
Tamajón Tamajón, R.
Tarazona Tarazona Lafarga, María Teresa (1951-)
Tchou Tchou, Yen-Tcheng
Tébar Tébar Garau, Francisco Javier (1964-)
Teles Teles, Antonio do Nascimento (1925-)
Terradas Terradas i Serra, Jaume (1943-)
Terrón Terrón Alfonso, Arsenio (1959-)
Theurillat Theurillat, Jean-Paul (1952-)
Thimm Thimm, I.
Timbal Timbal, Jean (1943-)
Topa Topa, E. (1900-)
J. Torres Torres Cordero, Juan Antonio (1966-)
L. Torres Torres Epuny, Lluís de
Touffet Touffet, Jean
Trautmann Trautmann, W.
Tregubov Tregubov, V.
Trigo Trigo, María del Mar (1958-)
Turmel Turmel, Jean Marie (1920-)
J. Tüxen Tüxen, Jes (1930-)
Tüxen Tüxen, Reinhold (1899-1980)
Ubrizsy Ubrizsy, G.
Ulman Ulman, J.
E. Valdés Valdés Bermejo, Enrique (1945-1999)
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Van Langendonck Van Langendonck, H.J.
Van Leeuwen Van Leeuwen, C.G.
Vanden Berghen Vanden Bergen, Constant (1914-)
Vargas Vargas Gómez, Pablo (1965-)
Varo Varo Alcalá, Juan (1943-)
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Vázquez Vázquez Fernández, Victor Manuel (1954-)
E. Velasco Velasco i Batlle, Eulàlia
A. Velasco Velasco Negueruela, Arturo (1946-)
Velayos Velayos Rodríguez, Mauricio (1955-)
Vicedo Vicedo Maestre, María Auxiliadora (1971-)
Vicente Vicente Orellana, José Alfredo
Vicherek Vicherek, J.
Vicioso Vicioso Martínez, Carlos (1886-1968)
Vigo Vigo i Bonada, Josep (1937-)
E. Pignatti E. Vikus, Erika. See E. Pignatti
Villar Villar Pérez, Luis (1946-)
Villegas Villegas, N.
Vives Vives i Codina, Josep (1931-1993)
C. Vlieger Vlieger, J.
V. Vlieger Vlieger, V.
Voggenreiter Voggenreiter, Volker
Volk Volk, O.H.
Vollmar Vollmar, F.
Vollrath Vollrath, H.
Von Rochow Von Rochow, Margarita
Wagner Wagner, H.
Walas Walas, J.
Wallisch Wallisch, K.
S. Wallnöfer Wallnöfer, S.
Wangerin Wangerin, Walther (1884-1938)
Wattez Wattez, Jean-Roger (1937-)
Weber Weber, Heinrich E. (1932-)
Weber-Old. Weber-Oldecop, D.W.
Weeda Weeda, E.J.
Westhoff Westhoff, Viktor (1914-2001)
Wildpret Wildpret de la Torre, Wolfredo (1933-)
Wraber Wraber, M.
Zafra Zafra Valverde, María Luisa (1942-)
Zaldívar Zaldívar, Pilar (1959-)
Zeller Zeller, W.
Zitti Zitti, R.
Zobrist Zobrist, L.
Zohary Zohary, M.
Zoller Zoller, Heinrich (1923-)
B. Zollitsch Zollitsch, B.
Zólyomi Zólyomi, B.